The Six & Seven Figure Event Summit

Learn How to Create a Six or Seven Figure Event
to Scale Your Business

July 25 - 28, 2022

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Thank you for participating in our
Six and Seven Figure Event Host Summit!

Hello Everyone!

I am super excited to be bringing all of you Amazing people into one space.  You each deserve to know one another, so I encourage you to connect and enjoy each other’s insights as the summit unfolds.

I’m also so grateful that you each said “Yes!” to playing with me, as I step outside of my behind-the-scenes comfort zone, and begin to share the power of Live Events with a bigger audience.  I’ve personally asked each of you because of our work together and knowing how you stepped into hosting a Live Enrollment Event and use them to masterfully scale and build your business.  (And for the team members that jump onto this page, I appreciate your support!  I know what you do to share and make these successful. So thank you too!).

On this page, you’ll find everything you will need to promote the Summit.

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  • Suggested swipe copy to use in emails and social media 

Feel free to use the swipe copy as is, edit to change into your own voice, or write something more personal about using Events to scale your business.  The Open Link for Registration is

The “official” promotional period is from July 11-24, 2022. We ask that you send your emails and social media posts during this time.

The Summit is July 25-28, 2022  12:00-1:00 pm PT.

Note:  We are not using individualized affiliate links.  We will be sharing your free link on the Summit Resource page, and inside our Facebook Group where the Summit will be streamed.  If you would like to join the Group – please join us here:



Email #1

Hey [Name],

So many of us are hiding our unique contribution that makes the biggest difference. We are revelations to our friends and a few select clients, but unknown to the world. We see others taking the stage and using events to create huge changes in their business and life, but have you considered that now is YOUR time?


Well, my friend and Certified Event Producer™, Shay Wheat is hosting me and other industry leaders to talk about what it took to create events that helped to scale our business and leverage our time.


If you need to dive into what it takes to sell to more than one person at a time . . . you should be here.

If you think you don’t have a big enough list  . . . you should be here.

If you aren’t sure how an event, or what type of event fits in your business, you should be here.


I’m going to be there, talking about {insert your topic], and you can see who else is joining the conversation.


Learn More and Register for Free!


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Email #2

Hey [Name],

Many of you know that we’ve hosted events over the last several years that not only increased our visibility but also grew our business.


I’m not kidding when I say, these scared me the first time I said “Yes” to hosting an event. That is why I’m so excited to join my friend and Certified Event Producer™ Shay Wheat at The Six and Seven-Figure Event Summit, where some of her private clients are sharing the secrets to their success in hosting events.


If you want to scale your business and leverage your time, you deserve to listen in. In just one hour a day, over the course of four days, Shay and her guests are covering all the behind the scenes mindset, tools and strategies to make it happen.


You will want to join me at this free event.  Click here to register

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Hey [Name],


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Join me and other industry leaders at The Six and Seven Figure Event Summit, where we are sharing how we leveraged events to create big paydays, and scaled our business.  Learn More and Register for Free!

Get your questions answered about what it really takes to create a six and even seven-figure event. Learn More and Register for Free!

Do you feel like you are always in a launch cycle? Would you like to learn how we fill our programs in just three days?   Learn More and Register for Free!

Are you interested in creating six or seven figures over the course of just three days?  Listen in to industry leaders share how they do it leveraging events with Certified Event Producer™ Shay Wheat.  Learn More and Register for Free

Join Shay Wheat, Certified Event Producer™ and me, while we chat about creating my Six-Figure Event, that helped to scale my business.  Learn More and Register for Free!

I’m speaking at The Six and Seven Figure Event Summit.  Come join me and learn the secrets need to create a six or seven-figure event to scale your business. Learn More and Register for Free!

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